Blog Action DaySPECIAL POST ALERT: In accordance with Blog Action Day, I’m posting a free-verse poem, “1,000,” focusing on climate change (be sure to read Mark Hertsgaard’s triple-espresso-blast wake-up call on the subject, which features some startling numbers of its own!). I’ll be back tomorrow with the regularly scheduled Green Dynamind post; this time a review of Wendell Berry’s superb new collection of essays, Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food.

Copenhagen’s coming up—let’s make some noise for real climate change now! (You can also read my take on the recent UN and G-20 talks that dealt with climate change.)

Addendum: Blog Action Day has posted a recap.


“Those who use the world assuming/their knowledge is sufficient/destroy the world.”
—Wendell Berry

“So stop all your pro-ing and con-ing (that’s the Buddha’s advice) and get on with the job.”
“Which job?”
“Everybody’s job—enlightenment. Which means, here and now, the preliminary job of practicing all the yogas of increased awareness.”
“But I don’t want to be more aware,” said Will. “I want to be less aware.”
—Aldous Huxley,

ONETHOUSANDMILEHIGH wall of fire—watch it embrace us,
Island states, all, with LOVE divine, fed by busybody bullying, pushing,
Shoving, producing—producing more and more, faster and faster
Till that wall’s a 1,000 miles high, much far wider, out of sight
But not out of mind—for long, at least, even for those “less aware,”
In denial, in session, in seclusion, indifferent, indecisive, indignant.
We’re all going to feel that sweet embrace, the combustible heat of
Such love as this. Drill, baby, drill? Another verse of burn, baby, burn.

ONETHOUSANDMILEWIDE wave—if you knew it was coming,
A necroscope descrying DOOM, would you steer a different course?
Emerge from auto chrysalis, hitch horse to cart, solarize, democratize,
Say, “I’m no fossil fool; ice caps are melting fast; famine and drought
Already cross great swaths of land; something now must be done”?
Or would you check your status with the quo, chug along for the ride,
Order lunch, or some penny loafers, in burning sand desert brown,
a perfect match for the world to be—unless you’re under the sea?

ONETHOUSANDVOICESSTRONG—it had to start, take back the heart,
Grow exponentially, wildly shout, “It’s not too late!” Can you imagine
1,000 parts per million? Carbon emissions going up and up and up
and up—our world shattered? From space, a 1,000 miles high, mourn our
Burnt-out husk, resourceless, universal health carelessness achieved,
A place where GDP in truth signifies GREAT DECEIVING PLUTOCRACY.
—Start with self, a seed, grow it to 10, then 100, then 1,000, on from there
Till it’s 1,000 miles high, gaining momentum, in everyone’s mind, for good.


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