ReboundWHETHER YOU CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS OR NOT, here are some gift ideas that we think capture the spirit of green without going overboard—in other words, you won’t find a carbon-offset certificate “elegantly” carved into a lump of coal or a solar-powered recycled-materials rabbit hutch/chicken coop “peaceful coexistence” backyard combo shelter (although wouldn’t that be something to set up with a web cam, see in harmonious action and learn from?!—UN, Hopenhageners and world leaders, please take note!).

WILSON REBOUND BASKETBALL “Think globally. Hoop locally.” Hoop it up with Wilson’s first green product, made from 40 percent recycled rubber. The packaging is 80 percent pre- and post-consumer board. A great way to get active and green simultaneously!

POWER MONKEY EXPLORER SOLAR CHARGER This critter cranks, providing up to 96 hours of reserve power for your essential electronic devices—stuff, let’s face it, you just can’t give up and that require (seemingly) constant recharging. With the Power Monkey, you can suck less off the grid.

mixing_bowlsPRESERVE RECYCLED MIXING BOWLS Gotta love these bright and tough mixing bowls that nest nicely for easy storage. They’re BPA free and made from 100 percent recycled #5 plastic. Ideal equally for slow food or fast meals. And Preserve, the company, has a great green tag line: “Nothing wasted. Everything gained.”

NAU SHROUD OF PURRIN HOODY This attractive women’s soft shell is wind and water resistant, breathable and ideal for outdoor activities (there’s also a men’s version). It’s also very green, made from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste, and can be recycled at the end of its life (triple-bottom-line-focused Nau utilizes cradle-to-cradle ECO CIRCLE technology).

SOKOL BLOSSER 2007 DUNDEE HILLS PINOT NOIR A spectacular Willamette Valley, Oregon, Pinot from a deep green winemaker. Sokol Blosser adheres to the Natural Step principles, and is distinctly “fruit forward” when it comes to vineyard and business sustainable practices.

YES! MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION Quarterly YES! Magazine is an exceptional green and socially responsible read all the way through, which makes it a great green gift. And being champions of Creative Commons licensing, these Bainbridge Island, Washingtonians are into sharing what they say and what they’re about.

Green truckTOY RECYCLING TRUCK This durable little guy from Green Toys can assist in playfully sending the right message to the next generation. Recycled milk jugs are the primary ingredient in this made-in-the-USA toy. Make recycle time playtime!

FLAMING LIPS REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG Hey, these crazy Oklahomans have an inspiring all-embracing spirituality and playfulness that just says NO! to negative vibes, greed mongering and Abaddon-bent hegemony. While any reusable shopping bag may do, we like the message behind this one—even if you’ve yet to see the Flaming Lips, or prefer Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Oh yeah, you might also consider their Silver Trembling Fetus Ornament—just in time to skew the holidays.

KOR ONE HYDRATION VESSELS Yet another stylish way to shun the blight of bottled water, these BPA-free containers come in four special-edition designs that represent water-related causes. KOR has also selected four nonprofits for its Thirst for Giving program that will benefit from each purchase: Algalita Marine Research FoundationThe Wetlands InitiativeContainer Recycling Institute and Blue Planet Run Foundation.

Cargo trailerCROOZER CARGO BIKE TRAILER Okay, enough with hearing lame excuses from your hardcore biking buddies about them not having any, or enough, bike cargo space when it comes to running errands. This trailer has bounteous capacity (66 pounds), a removable cover and is super easy to hitch and unhitch. Any bike-related item pretty much makes a great green gift.

A COPY OF BRINGING IT TO THE TABLE AND A REENCHANTED WORLD Wendell Berry’s collection of essays on farming and food was a delightful release in 2009, as was James William Gibson’s treatise on man’s interaction with nature, the environmental movement and promise for the future. Let’s toss Al Gore’s new book, Our Choice, and membership in the Progressive Book Club in there, too—books make wonderful gifts.

Stream artLOVE YOUR STREAM POSTER From Good Nature Publishing Company and illustrated by Sherry Neidigh, this delightful poster is all about clean water best practices—a message worth sharing wrapped in beautiful art.


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