CHANGE YOUR WORLD IN AN HOUR—certainly a hyperbolic statement to the nth degree and redolent of the worst of false-claim late-night TV commercials, but if you consider your home your world to an appreciable degree, and notable home energy savings a worthy endeavor, Energy Trust of Oregon’s Home Energy Review walkthrough, which takes only an hour and doesn’t cost a dime, may have you gallantly declaiming such a phrase. Plus, and we’ll get to this shortly, you get free stuff. And, as the Energy Trust website points out, “Up to 60 percent of energy used to heat and cool homes can be lost due to leaky ducts, inefficient equipment, poor insulation and air leaks.”

Energy Trust of Oregon, an independent nonprofit organization “dedicated to helping Oregonians benefit from saving energy and tapping renewable resources,” works in association with Portland General ElectricPacific PowerNW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas to help save more than $440 million in energy costs; this includes plenty of residential $$$/energy-saving assistance and guidance. The trust’s website is chockfull of useful information, and our “energy advisor,” who led the in-home review, pointed us toward the site numerous times for additional facts, figures and ways to continue the energy-saving dialogue.

Conservation Services Group (CSG) actually carries out the reviews for Energy Trust of Oregon as a “program management contractor.” The Massachusetts-headquartered group, which has been around since 1984 and has 20 offices and nearly 600 employees around the country, promotes energy efficiency, conservation and clean energy technologies, and works with utilities, public agencies, homeowners and local communities. Read More »